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Bulk SMS Dubai And Its Utilities

    SMS provides multiple remote monitoring opportunities for utility organizations. Using bulksms in Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications to obtain telemetry data is just one way in which utilities are benefiting from mobile technology.

    SMS telemetry solutions can simplify the data collection process as companies would install the technology at the remote site and then evaluate the information as and when it arrives, thus eliminating the need to visit the remote location each time data is required. Utility companies can also use Bulk SMS dubai service for communicating with customers.

SMS can be deployed in a huge variety of use cases in a Utilities context:

Special offers and promotions via SMS.
Send Meter readings and bills via SMS.
Service request updates.
Tariff Change Notifications.
Bill Payment Reminders.
Service Disconnection Notifications.
Service Outage Notifications.
Peak Load or Offload Alerts.
Complaint Tracking.
Trash Collection Schedules.
Conservation Campaign via Bulksms.
Internal Staff Communications.
Customer Satisfaction Surveys.

VectraMind’s SYNAPSE-MSDP for Utilities offers a secure customer engagement channel that allows organizations to save costs, increase productivity, boost brand awareness and connect with their customers anytime, anywhere.

Benefits of S-MSDP for Utilities:

Your time to market improves phenomenally through significantly reduced time to launch new innovative services for your customers and stay ahead of the competition.You can differentiate yourself by bringing out interesting data services to market quickly and stay ahead of fast-evolving market conditions, enabling you to adopt innovative technologies easily, as they emerge.Sending text messages is a very cost effective and efficient medium of communication than to handle a voice call – and passengers can receive information via SMS on the fly without calling the airline staff for routine enquiries.Airlines can now provide extremely customized value added services to their customers, and thereby meeting their expectations.

S-MSDP Key Features:

Robust delivery platform, channels and services needed for successful, scalable and secure deployment.Global reach, reliability and interactivity you need to build your brand 24 hours a day.Brings immediacy and relevance of SMS and tow-way interactivity to every communication.Enables you to expand your offerings across multiple messaging channels including bulksms, MMS, WAP, USSD, EMAIL.
Mobile marketing and SMS Gateway campaigns offer great opportunities either introducing a new brand or creating brand loyalty. Everyday mobile marketing campaigns is becoming more and more widespread.To grab more info on bulksms, browse our site.

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